The 2nd Annual Conference on Bowen Theory and Its Applications

Emotional Process in Relationship Systems

October 7, 2016

In this opening event for the 2016-17 Clinical Conference Series, the Bowen Center provides an introduction to the theory, a video featuring Dr. Murray Bowen, and applications of the theory to diverse areas of practice. This conference will focus on the implications of emotional process on pets in the family, organizations, parenting, and faith communities. The conference seeks to explore Dr. Bowen’s sweeping view of emotional functioning and its implications for human relationship processes, with a look at the impact of fusion between the emotions and the intellect on human functioning.

Morning Session




An Introduction to Bowen Theory

Anne S. McKnight, EdD, LCSW
Director, The Bowen Center


Coffee Break


Video: Nuclear Family Emotional System and Family Projection Process

A chalk-talk theoretical presentation by Dr. Bowen. 1970. Black and white.

Video Discussant: Douglas C. Murphy, MA, LCMFT
Faculty, The Bowen Center
Director, The Postgraduate Program


Lunch Break

Afternoon Breakout #1


Breakout Sessions:

Pets and Family Emotional Process

Kathleen Cotter Cauley, MEd, LMFT
Faculty, The Bowen Center

Emotional Process in Organizations

Thomas Merkel, MBA
Operating Director, Delta Point Capital
COO, Merkel Donohue

Afternoon Breakout #2


Breakout Sessions:

Emotional Process: A Primer for Parents

Mariana Martinez, PsyD
Faculty, The Bowen Center

Emotional Process in Faith Communities

Kenton T. Derstine, MDiv, DMin
Faculty, The Bowen Center



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