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    Progress toward a science of human behavior is an underlying goal of all of the Georgetown Family Center’s training programs. Bowen theory, which is grounded in years of research about human emotional functioning, postulates that to understand individual behavior it is necessary to understand the individual’s functioning in the relationship systems of which he or she is a part. The theory further postulates that members of human relationship systems mutually, subtly and automatically influence the behavior of members with whom they are in contact.

    In the training programs the emphasis is on self-learning, but the separate roles of teacher and learner are not mutually exclusive. Progress toward a science of human behavior is a journey of discovery on the part of both teacher and learner to master the known and to identify and explore the unknown about human emotional functioning. Significant learning takes place in a relationship process in which the interactions between teacher and learner drive the pursuit of knowledge and the communication of ideas. Responsibility for learning rests upon each and the insights from Bowen theory guide the process of learning.

    The Georgetown Family Center offers a broad range of training opportunities from the introductory level to advanced seminars. Click on the course titles below for more information:

    Postgraduate Program in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Its Applications
    For professionals in the fields of psychiatry, counseling, education, ministry, research and organizational consulting.

    The Internship Program
    For individuals who have completed a year in the Postgraduate Program to gain experience through referrals from the Clinic, supervision by a faculty member, and participation in the Postgraduate Program in the clinical application of Bowen theory.

    Postgraduate Seminars
    Intensive, advanced work in Bowen family systems theory for those who have completed at least three years of the Postgraduate Program

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