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Bowen Theory and Practice
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Feature Articles from the Family Center Report 1979-1996

Bowen Theory and Practice features a diverse collection of articles on aspects of Bowen theory and its applications in clinical practice that were first published in the Family Center Report. Included in the book are articles on natural selection theory, the family as an emotional unit, population density, as well as a systems model for understanding disease, family diagnosis, and emotional process in society. Feature articles are written by Drs. Murray Bowen, Michael Kerr, and Daniel Papero. Other faculty members contributed detailed reviews of annual conferences and invited lectures. The work of Dr. Walter Toman and Dr. Jack Calhoun are also represented here. By publishing these articles, the goal is to give them the wider exposure they merit and to make them available for the future.


Part 1: THEORY

Significance of Murray Bowen’s Scientific Contributions
Michael E. Kerr, MD

Subjectivity, Homo Sapiens and Science
Murray Bowen, MD

Some Aspects of Systems Thinking
Michael E. Kerr, MD

Universal Autism: Extinction Resulting from Failure to Develop Relationships
John B. Calhoun, PhD reviewed by Daniel V. Papero, PhD, MSSW

The Press of Population
Kathleen B. Kerr, MSN, MA

Natural Selection Theory and the Emotional System
Michael E. Kerr, MD

Bowen Theory and Evolutionary Theory
Michael E. Kerr, MD

Complex Biological Systems
Michael E. Kerr, MD

Reproduction, Survival and Extinction
Roberta B. Holt, DSW

Challenging Assumptions
Michael E. Kerr, MD

The Borderline Family
Michael E. Kerr, MD

Theory and Therapy
Michael E. Kerr, MD


Psychotherapy—Past, Present, and Future
Murray Bowen, MD reviewed by Michael E. Kerr, MD

An Obstacle to “Hearing” Bowen Theory
Michael E. Kerr, MD

Responsibility for Self
Daniel V. Papero, PhD, MSSW

A Systems Model for Disease
Michael E. Kerr, MD

The Importance of Beliefs, Emotions, and Relationships in the Recovery from Cancer
Michael E. Kerr, MD

Family Diagnosis as a Prerequisite for Psychotherapeutic Treatment
Walter Toman, PhD

Family Diagnosis
Michael E. Kerr, MD

The Family as a Unit
Daniel V. Papero, PhD, MSSW

Clinical Addendum
Murray Bowen, MD

Acute and Chronic Physical Dysfunction
Edward W. Beal, MD

Primary Care Medicine and the Family
Michael E. Kerr, MD

On Emotional Process in Society
Murray Bowen, MD

Stress, Society, and the Individual
Daniel V. Papero, PhD, MSSW

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