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Bowen/Kerr Interview Series - MP3
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This format provides Parts I and II of the Bowen/Kerr Interview Series on one disk.
The MP3 format is to be played on a computer. It will not work in a CD player.

In this series, Dr. Murray Bowen is interviewed by Dr. Michael Kerr, who became the Director of the Family Center at the time of Dr. Bowen's death in October 1990. In the interviews, Dr. Bowen and Dr. Kerr discuss the concepts of family systems theory and therapy. The Bowen-Kerr Interview Series is designed to address those aspects of the theory which people have the most difficulty understanding. For this reason some knowledge of theory is desirable before using these tapes.

Contents of Part I
1979 Family Systems Theory and Therapy: An Overview
1979 The Theoretical Base of Family Systems Theory
1979 Systems Therapy
1979 Anxiety and Emotional Reactivity in Therapy
1980 Defining a Self in One’s Family of Origin - Part 1
1980 Defining a Self in One’s Family of Origin - Part 2
1980 Obstacles to Systems Thinking
1980 Family Therapy with Schizophrenia

Contents of Part II
1980 Background to Systems Thinking and Discipleship
1981 Emotional Process in Society
1980 Towards a Systems Concept of Supernatural Phenomena
1984 Background Aspects of Differentiation
1984 The Changing World and Family Therapy
1985 The Best of Family Therapy
1986 A New Concept of the Midbrain
1987 Obstacles to Changing Theory

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