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Publications of the Bowen Center

All items pictured below, with the exception of two articles by Michael E. Kerr, are published by the Georgetown Family Center.

Family Therapy in Clinical Practice by Murray Bowen, MD and Family Evaluation by Michael E. Kerr, MD and Murray Bowen, MD are published elsewhere but are now available for purchase here through the Center's participation in the Amazon Associates program.

To order our books by mail or fax, including volume discounts of One Family's Story, please download our Publications Order Form

Covid-19 Update: Due to emergency closures in the District of Columbia, we are unable to process orders for hard copies of publications. See below for publications which are available for download.

Code Name Image Price Availability  
P-OFS One Family's Story (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) $10.00  
P-OFS-download One Family's Story Download   $10.00  
P-SPP La Historia de Una Familia (Spanish Primer) (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) $10.00  
P-UO Understanding Organizations (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) $20.00 In Stock
P-INX-Download Downloadable: A New Index to Murray Bowen's Family Therapy in Clinical Practice $15.00  
P-INX A New Index to Murray Bowen's Family Therapy in Clinical Practice $15.00 In Stock
P-GAP-Download The Field of Family Therapy - GAP Report $20.00  
P-ESO Emotional Side of Organizations (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) $28.00 In Stock
P-EFE Essays from the Editor (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) $18.50  
P-DTF-Download Downloadable: Darwin to Freud to Bowen   $7.50  
P-DTF Darwin to Freud to Bowen (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) $7.50 In Stock
P-CRA-Download Downloadable: Chronic Anxiety and Defining a Self   $12.50  
P-CRA Chronic Anxiety and Defining a Self (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) $12.50  
P-BTP Bowen Theory and Practice (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) $30.00  

For more information, please contact The Bowen Center at 202-965-4400 or