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Family Systems Journal
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Family Systems Journal

Family Systems: A Journal of Natural Systems Thinking in Psychiatry and the Sciences, is an interdisciplinary journal, published since 1994, by the Georgetown Family Center. The aim of the journal is to advance the understanding of human emotional functioning and behavior based on Bowen theory. Reflecting the assumption of Bowen theory that the human family is governed by the same natural forces that govern all life, the journal publishes articles that contribute to a better understanding of any living system.

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Family Systems brings you:

  • Authors from many fields, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the journal.
  • Articles that reflect natural systems thinking or are relevant to it.
  • These may include concept papers as well as research studies.
  • Clinical Case Reports with discussion based on faculty case presentations at the Georgetown Family Center.
  • Brief Reports of important ideas in development and promising research in early stages.
  • Book reviews relevant to Bowen theory or its many applications.
  • Previously unpublished papers from the Bowen Archives.

Georgetown Family Center, Inc.

Robert J. Noone, PhD

Paulis Waber, MA

Elizabeth M. Utschig

Ruth Riley Sagar, MA

Paulis Waber, MA

Joanne Bowen, PhD
Anthropology, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Mark V. Flinn
Anthropology, University of Missouri
Barbara King, PhD
Biological Anthropology, College of William and Mary
Michael Lumpkin, MD
Neuroendocrinology, Georgetown University
Charles Raison, MD
Psychiatry, University of Arizona
Mary Beth Saffo, PhD
Biology, National Science Foundation
Barbara Smuts, PhD
Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan
Stephen Suomi, PhD
Psychology, National Institutes of Health

Laura R. Brooks, MSW
David S. Hargrove, PhD
Joan Jurkowski, MS
Anne S. McKnight, MSW, EdD
Douglas C. Murphy, MA
Daniel V. Papero, PhD, MSW

Ann D. Bunting, PhD
Shelburne, Vermont
Patricia A. Comella, JD
Cambridge, Maryland
Margaret G. Donley, MSW
Leawood, Kansas
Stephanie J. Ferrera, MSW
Oak Park, Illinois
Victoria Harrison, MA
Houston, Texas
Laura Havstad, PhD
Sebastopol, California
James E. Jones, PhD
Lafayette, Colorado
Cynthia Larkby, PhD
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Walter Howard Smith, Jr., PhD
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Anthony J. Wilgus, MSW
Findlay, Ohio

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