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Volume 8, Number 1
The Sick, the Sad, the Savage, and the Sane
Don D. Jackson, MD
with an Introduction by Wendel A. Ray, PhD
The Affair As an Emotional Manager in Marriage
Presenter: Anne S. McKnight, LCSW, EdD
Punished by Rewards
by Alfie Kohn
reviewed by Roberta Gilbert, MD

Code Name Image Price Availability  
DJ 8.1 (1) Fine The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Societal Emotional Process   $9.50  
DJ 8.1 (2) Noone The Multigenerational Transmission Process and the Neurobiology of Attachment and Stress Reactivity   $9.50  
DJ 8.1 (3) Rauseo Survival, Fusion, and Functioning in Extreme Poverty   $9.50  
DJ 8.1 (4) AR Jackson The Sick, the Sad, the Savage, and the Sane: From the Archives   $9.50  
DJ 8.1 (5) FCC McKnight Faculty Case Conference: The Affair As an Emotional Manager in Marriage   $9.50  
DJ 8.1 (6) BK Gilbert Book Review: Punished by Rewards   $7.50  

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