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November 3-4, 2006
43rd Symposium on
Family Theory and Family Psychotherapy

Recordings of the Symposium are available as a complete audiotape set and as a DVD set. Individual DVDs are also available. The complete Symposium is shown below, as well as information about this year's Distinguished Guest Lecturer. Purchase information is listed below the Symposium contents.

2006 Distinguished Guest Lecturer: Christine Johnson, PhD
Dr. Johnson earned a B.A. in Psychobiology from the University of California Santa Cruz, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Cornell University. Raised in a family of biologists, she learned from an early age to revere the natural world and to take great pleasure in its contemplation. She was fortunate enough to begin her career with the inimitable Dr. Kenneth Norris as her mentor, studying social behavior in Hawaiian Spinner dolphins. Her other field work includes observing Indian Ocean Bottlenose behavior in Australia, and Bahamian Spotted dolphins with the intrepid Dr. Denise Herzing. She has also studied behavior, communication, and cognition in a variety of captive marine mammals. Her primary motivations are the fascination the animals themselves engender, and an avid interest in issues on the evolution of the mind. In particular, her comparative work has come to focus on the cognitive demands and adaptations that emerge within the social domain. Her current research on social cognition in bonobos at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park continues this enterprise.


Welcome and Introduction - Michael E. Kerr, MD
Regulation of Foraging in Harvester Ants - Leann Howard, ACSW
Toward a Scientific Social Science - Laurie Lassiter, PhD
Panel Discussion

The Stress Response as One Marker of Differentiation - Randall T. Frost, MDiv
Variations In The Emotional Functioning Of Human Systems - James E. Jones, PhD

"Brightness" In Bonobos: Using Micro-Ethology To Study Social Attention - Christine Johnson, PhD

Social Coordination Of Attention In Bonobos - Christine Johnson, PhDA
Panel Discussion

What Might the Intellectual System Be? - Daniel V. Papero, PhD
The Integration of Feeling and Thinking - Priscilla J. Friesen, LICSW
Differentiation of Self and the Social Brain - Robert J. Noone, PhD
Panel Discussion

Extending Bowen Theory to the Biology of Cancer - Michael E. Kerr, MD

Escalations of Anxiety in Mental Health Teams - Erik Thompson, MA
Child Focus Extended: Higher Education's Anxious Relationships
- David S. Hargrove, PhD
Panel Discussion

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AS-43-06-Audioset 43rd Annual Symposium Audiotape Set   $100.00  
DV-AS-43-06-DVD Set 43rd Annual Symposium DVD Set   $300.00  
DV-AS-43-06-1 43rd Annual Symposium DVD 1   $55.00  
DV-AS-43-06-2 43rd Annual Symposium DVD 2   $55.00  
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DV-AS-43-06-6 43rd Annual Symposium DVD 6   $55.00  
DV-AS-43-06-7 43rd Annual Symposium DVD 7   $55.00  

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