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November 4-5, 2005
42nd Symposium on
Family Theory and Family Psychotherapy

2005 Distinguished Guest Lecturer: Mark Flinn, PhD
Dr. Flinn is Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Missouri and visiting associate professor, Department of Psychological Sciences 2004-2006. His research interests span evolutionary human biology, child health and psychological development, family environment, glucocorticoid stress response, life history, integration of biological, psychological, and ethnographic methods. Current research investigates childhood stress, family relationships, and health in a Caribbean village by analysis of (1) longitudinal monitoring of hormone and immune function from saliva and urine samples, (2) ethnographic observation of child activities and social environment, and (3) medical histories, growth measures, and parasite exams.


Welcome and Introduction
Michael E. Kerr, MD
Quantifying Multigenerational Emotional Process
Alice Eichholz, PhD
Bowen Theory and Attachment Theory
Kathleen B. Kerr, MSN, MA
Panel Discussion

DVDs 2 & 3 (sold together)
How the Human Stress Response is Affected by Social Interaction
Mark V. Flinn, PhD
The Dominica Childhood Stress Project
Mark V. Flinn, PhD
The Multigenerational Family and Individual Reactivity to Stress

Robert J. Noone, PhD
Panel Discussion

Universal Processes in Nature
LeAnn Howard, MSW, MA
The Emotional System: Lessons from Bacteria
Laurie L. Lassiter, PhD
Toward a Natural Systems View of Slavery
Mercy Russell Hyde, MSW
Panel Discussion

A Proposed New Concept in Bowen Theory
Michael E. Kerr, MD
Response by Dr. Flinn and Discussion

On Conflict
Daniel V. Papero, PhD, MSW
Bridging Emotional Cutoff and Differentiation
Joan Jurkowski, MS
A System’s View of Self-Injurious Behavior
Erik Thompson, MA
Panel Discussion

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