August 15, 2016

Dear Friend and Colleague:

The Bowen Center is offering early registration at a reduced fee for the 53rd Annual Symposium on Family Theory and Family Psychotherapy to be held November 4 and 5 in Founder’s Hall at George Mason University Arlington Campus this year. The Clinical Conference on November 3 will be held at St. George’s Episcopal Church located at 915 North Oakland Street, Arlington, Virginia 22203.

The Distinguished Guest Lecturer this year is Dr. Jan Sapp. Dr. Sapp is a historian of biology and faculty member at York University, Toronto. He has written extensively about evolutionary biology and the importance of symbiosis. Dr. Sapp’s eye for history and understanding of biology coalesce in his thinking and writing as he tells the story of the microbiome shaping our existence, describes symbionts as a second mode of genetic inheritance, and studies the evolution of microorganisms. He suggests the immune system develops in dialogue with symbionts acting to integrate microbes into our animal cell community. Dr. Sapp’s work uses the latest research techniques to demonstrate how symbiosis is the key to animal and plant development, and how symbiosis may shape our everyday lives from the immune system to the microbiome.

The deadline for early bird registration is October 21st. A draft schedule with a registration form is enclosed. Further information about the Symposium can be found on our website, I look forward to seeing you in November.

Best regards,

Anne S. McKnight, LCSW, EdD