The mission of the Center is to lead the development of Bowen family systems theory into a science of human behavior and to assist individuals, families, communities, and organizations in addressing major life challenges through understanding and improving human relationships. The Center carries out its mission locally, nationally, and internationally through training and online programs, conferences, research, clinical services, website, and publications. The Georgetown Family Center is an educational, research, and clinical center incorporated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the District of Columbia.

Goals of the Bowen Center:

Our goals and programs are designed to reflect and fulfill our mission.
  • Maintain and develop practices of scientific inquiry through collaboration and interaction with scientists and active participation in scholarly pursuits.
  • Contribute to the development of Bowen theory as a science of human behavior through promoting research and writing, fostering thoughtful interchange among Bowen theorists, and maintaining viable contact with the natural sciences.
  • Contribute to the development of leadership of Bowen theorists locally, nationally, and throughout the world through training and collaboration.
  • Disseminate Bowen theory and its applications as a resource to address major life challenges for individuals, families, organizations, and communities.
  • Financially sustain and enhance the Bowen Center and its mission.
  • Engage with the communities in the Washington/Baltimore area through education and service.

Bowen Center en Español

One of the strategic goals of the Center is to disseminate Bowen theory into the world. Making Bowen theory more available for learning, research, and application to Spanish speakers through our website and other publications is an important aspect of that goal.

Interested people from many Spanish speaking countries, including Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Peru, Cuba, and Guatemala, have expressed interest in and engaged the ideas of Bowen theory, despite the fact most of the information is published in English. The faculty of the Bowen Center is looking forward to establishing a dialogue with those who study and use the theory in their own countries to enrich our understanding of the human family.

This website is the outcome of the efforts of a dedicated group of Bowen professionals to translate key writings and subtitle videos, as well as to offer original writings to the Spanish speaking world.

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